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Week 13 MCM training recap

Umm I have been SUCH a blog slacker! Oops! It’s definitely been a busy past month and my running has taken a hit, but I mostly blame summer heat for that. I’m doing the best I can most of the time just surviving running outside in July in Florida! The good news is it’s July 16th, and I’m at 50 miles on the month so far, so I’m still on track to hit another 100 mile month! Yay! Although I’m super overdue for an ice bath… I suppose that’s coming next weekend =\

Week #: 13

Number of runs done: 4

Total mileage: 21.64 miles

Longest run: 7.25 miles

Strength training sessions: 2– ahh!

Yoga sessions: 0 😦

Highlight: Totally non-running related, but Brooke visiting! (And Clay!)

Low point: Feeling a little off track with T25 plan

Reflections: It was easy in my first 2 weeks of T25 to tackle several two-a-days a week, but the newness has now worn off and I didn’t do a single two-a-day this week! Granted, that’s totally acceptable because I don’t NEED to do two-a-days to be successful, but I need to find the happy medium with running and strength training for sure. I can’t be all in it and knock out 5 T25 videos one week, and like 1 or 2 the next. Those sessions have made noticeable differences in my strength already, so I’ve got to settle in and be consistent.

Any physical ailments? Some blistering and toenail issues as my shoes are WORN OUT. I mean, DONE. I’m over 500 miles into them now, and 7 months of consistent running, so I’ve got a new pair ordered! Yay! I’m bumping up from the Newton Distance III to the Distance V, and I’m excited to switch into the newer version!

I’m planning a solid & consistent week, and I can’t wait to kick it off tomorrow!

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