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The most delicious keto coconut treat

Ok, you guys, so there were two big foods that I had no idea how much I loved until we ventured into keto: cream cheese and coconut! I mean, sure, a bagel and cream cheese was good, but it turns out cream cheese was the star of that show in my opinion. And I always knew I loved the smell of coconut in beauty products and the hint of coconut in Samoa’s Girl Scout cookies, but maaaaaan do I dominate some coconut now! We use a great deal of coconut for those awesome medium-chain triglycerides in our diet, and I remembered the “coconut manna” I had never tried that we sold when I worked at vitamin shoppe. So I picked some up and used it sporadically for recipes that called for it. It’s basically coconut pulp blended well with coconut oil, so it isn’t pure fat. It retains that typical coconut texture and a sweet taste. I love it!

I watched 101 Dalmatians recently (the live action) on Netflix during a couple different treadmill sessions, and then I concocted this recipe, so naturally, I’m calling these Dalmatian Balls 😂😂😂 Marcus actually prefers I call them Coconut Dough because the texture is similar to that of cookie dough and is positively drool-worthy if you ask either of us. You get a creaminess from the butter and coconut butter that is so satisfying and a little texture from the chocolate chips and shredded coconut. The best part?! NO BAKE! So simple, so yummy. It’s worth possibly having to order or go get a few ingredients you may not always keep on hand (although I do now). These are going to be a staple for me with a newborn soon cause those fats are CLUTCH for breastfeeding. Just like with oat-based lactation cookies when I was pumping for Rhett, it’s going to be tough to keep these in the house around Marcus. He already threatened to eat 8 of them when he gets home from work today. And those are fighting words!

Anyways, onto the recipe already, geez. I’m happy to tell you exactly what ingredients I used– just email me or comment! Most things I buy on Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, or direct, depending on what it is.

Tell me that isn’t a delicious-looking batter!

-1/2 cup coconut butter (manna)

-1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

-1/4 cup melted grass-fed butter

-1/2 cup powdered erythritol

-1/4 cup chocolate chips

-2 T coconut oil

-20 drops stevia

1. Melt coconut butter and butter and mix well with all other ingredients, except chocolate chips.

2. Refrigerate for a few minutes, then come back and fold in chocolate chips to avoid melting.

3. Roll into ping pong sized balls, and refrigerate. Cover and store in fridge.

Made 20 balls— 10.6F/.8NC/.7P

See the Dalmatian resemblance?!

Less than 1 net carb each! Score! I sometimes roll these slightly smaller and yield 22-24, but we aren’t really macro counters and therefore don’t mind the fluctuations.

*recipe notes:

-I definitely recommend a powdered sweetener over granulated. You can always toss yours in the blender or food processor to make it so. A monk fruit blend would work well too, it just may need less.

-Depending on your dietary concerns, this could easily be dairy-free if you swap the butter for extra coconut oil and use a dairy-free chocolate chip.

-The consistency as you roll these will be oily and melty, but they firm up quickly in the fridge. Ours never last more than a few days, but I imagine they would keep up to a week or so.

As usual, if you make these, don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts or tweaks! I love to experiment in the kitchen with our keto foods, so even better if someone else does too ☺️

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