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The elephant in the room


Good thing I’m good at failing! I make plans, and I fail miserably, and I get sad about it for like a minute, then I get back on the horse.

That’s my current elephant in the room: I’m bombing this marathon training cycle! It feels amazing to say it “out loud,” too. I am nowhere near where I need to be long run-wise, and my running has just been really not in a great place for the last 5 weeks or so. Weaning from the pump was physically so painful and uncomfortable, and it was a big roadblock that I didn’t see coming. After that passed, I wasn’t prepared for the hormonal onslaught either. Can we talk about 2 years of pent up hormones?! Not. Fun. Speed up to this morning: 14 miles on my plan– and boom! Let’s just say I woke up to the hormonal motherload. TMI for most people, but I’m counting on 99% of my readers being women.

All this to say, I’m the queen of excuses right now, and that’s ok. I’m still going to run the Marine Corps Marathon on October 22. I’m going to get through this training cycle as best as I can, but it certainly isn’t going as planned. I could dwell on that and beat myself up and try to make up for all my lost running so far, but that sounds pretty miserable if ya ask me. So instead, I’m going to treat each day like the new day that it is, trust that the hard work I have put in (even if it isn’t quite as much as I’d hoped for) will be enough so far, & I’m going to keep working.

Are you a quitter, too? I’d love to hear from you & how you manage to get back on the wagon! Or if I can help you get back on track, let’s chat.

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