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MCM week 8 recap

8 weeks of training down?! Can that be right?? It’s a little scary how fast this training cycle is moving along cause that means the race will be here before I know it. Consistency is king, so I’m happy I haven’t had a single week with less than 3 runs at this point, and that really is a big accomplishment for this girl.


Week #: 8

Number of runs done: 5

Total mileage: 21.27 miles

Longest run: 7.34 miles

Strength training sessions: 1

Yoga sessions: 2

Highlight: Feeling really great for 7 miles on Saturday morning! #proteinpancakes

Low point: Continuing to slack on my “long” run! I really do have to get my butt in long run gear.

Reflections: I’ve been extremely fortunate for the last 6 years of running to be relatively injury-free, but I’ve got to be proactive & work on muscle imbalances through strength training. Again, consistency is king & throwing in a strength training or cross training session in a few times a month probably isn’t going to cut it forever.

Any physical ailments? Slight lower back pain, probably related to my need to foam roll hella bad.


So, you may have seen my post about my decision to become a Beachbody coach, & I’ve gotta say, it’s something I’ve been thinking about & praying about for mooonnnnths. I’ve had so many people plant that seed & really spark some curiosity in me, but I’ve never been one for loving video-style workouts. I love to run & I usually love the gym, but it’s so much easier said than done with this nugget running around. I’m still pumping for him 4x a day, so between timing my pumping sessions, Rhett’s naps & appetite, it can be an act of congress to get to the gym now. I’m so lucky to have a supportive husband because he was fine with us cancelling our gym membership in favor of both of us jumping on a Beachbody program, & I really can’t wait to see us change as we take on these new challenges. Marcus was cursing Shaun T’s name today 🙂

I’ve never tried Shakeology, so the jury is still out until mine comes in on Thursday, but I know some of the heavy-health-hitters listed on the ingredients, & I’m pumped to get that nutrition in me!

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