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MCM week 7 recap

Let’s just call this WEAK 7! I really let life get in the way of this one. And rain. And the stroller being in Marcus’s trunk over and over. Oopsies! Marcus was on call all week so our schedule in general was just super off.


Repeat after me: week 8 WILL be better! I mean, I guess you don’t need to repeat that. Unless you’re going to yell it in my face, which might help.

Don’t judge me.

Week #: 7

Number of runs done: 4

Total mileage: 17.4 miles

Longest run: 7.37 miles

Strength training sessions: 2

Yoga sessions: 2

Highlight: Hitting a 6:58 mile as mile 4 of Friday’s run!!! 

Low point: Breaking the #streakingwiththecoolkids streak four days in– BOO! Oh well, I’m gonna continue on like it didn’t happen.

Reflections: I need to stop building up the difficulty of runs in my head beforehand. I know some of this is a little natural and unavoidable, but I look at distance & speed workouts as daunting most days, & then I’m just relieved completely once I’m out there. I self-sabotage so much with these expectations that I build, & I’ve gotta continue to work on that!

Any physical ailments? No. Yay!

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