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MCM week 15 recap


I feel like I’m in the world’s longest marathon training plan! I should have known myself better than to do a crazy long plan– 27 weeks?! Heck, women grow viable babies in their bodies in that time frame! So I’m feeling a little lost in the middle of this long plan and therefore have not been sticking to it the way I should. I’m feeling fine about that though for a few reasons.

A) At the end of the day, it’s JUST running, and it’s really not worth adding a ton of stress to my life. I’m not exactly a contender to win a marathon 🙂

B) Summer running is so dang difficult that I know my body is reaping tons of adaptions and benefits from being out there consistently, even if I’m not doing the distances I need to be doing yet.

C) I’ll let you in on a little secret… I wouldn’t be mad if a baby got on board before this race rolls around 😉

D) My strength training progress has been amazing, so I’m feeling stronger than ever, and I think that’s going to be a huge asset come race day.


Week #: 15

Number of runs done: 4

Total mileage: 21.31 miles

Longest run: 8 miles

Strength training sessions: FIVE!

Yoga sessions: Oops, none..

Highlight: A solid and consistently fast 8 miles Saturday night– splits all fell around the 8:00 mark!

Low point: Still not doing a true long run– seriously gotta get my butt in gear

Reflections: I think I’m getting a little more acclimated to the heat, and that’s a relief. There’s no part of running in 90 degree temps and possibly even higher humidity that’s easy, but I think my body is gaining some adaptation to it. I’m having to put a huge focus on hydration and extra salt and electrolytes in general, but it’s been very manageable. I seem to fare much better in the heat than the cold!

Any physical ailments? The top of one toe keeps rubbing a blister, and it almost looks like a hammer toe! I need to read about that.. anybody have any experience with hammer toe problems??

So be prepared for me to be up on this blog– I’m tired of being inconsistent! I’ve finally got my strength training game on, so next to work on the consistency of yoga, ice baths, and blogging!

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