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MCM training week 9 recap

Week 9 has come & gone! I’m pretty proud of this week. I think I am definitely due for another ice bath coming up. Uh oh! More ice this time around… My nutrition was much better this week compared to other weeks past. I can always tell a difference in my performance and recovery when my nutrition is dialed in. Marcus and I are working on doing better at planning a menu each week and grocery shopping only based off of it, so that has helped us not have random snacky groceries around. Not that we tend to buy snacky junk for the most part anyways.

Anywho! I did Shaun Week programs all week, and that really kicked my butt some days to do both a run and a high impact workout, but I recovered well. I got my Shakeology in on Thursday and was so surprised at how rich it mixes up with just water! My fave way to enjoy it so far is with frozen banana and maybe a little peanut butter.

I started Focus T25 today, and I LOVE that each video is only 25 minutes. I can easily knock it out while Rhett’s asleep and still have plenty of time to clean myself and the house up. I think it’s going to be the perfect complement to marathon training. I’m eager to see the progress I make over the next 30 days with my challenge group. T25 is actually a 10 week plan, so I will be in the thick of marathon training when it wraps up! I’ll actually plan to continue with T25 until I start to taper, then I’ll switch over to PiYo for lower impact focus.


Week #: 9

Number of runs done: 4

Total mileage: 27.41 miles

Longest run: 13.34 miles

Strength training sessions: 5!

Yoga sessions: 0 😦

Highlight: Making it through a solid 2 hour long run!

Low point: Dying of the heat some days & struggling to accept that it WILL slow me down

Reflections: I’ve often feared being sore of tired from strength training, but most days this week were two-a-days & both my workout and run were strong.. neither seemed to suffer!

Any physical ailments? No way Jose! Calves were sore at first, but I’m adjusting well to my workouts now.

We’ve got a week of rain and possibly a tropical storm, so this is going to be an interesting week 10 of figuring out how to get it done!

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