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MCM training week 16 recap


Week #: 16

Number of runs done: 4

Total mileage: 31.66 miles

Longest run: 12 miles

Strength training sessions: Four 🙂

Yoga sessions: Oops, STILL NONE!

Highlight: Meeting up with my new friend Heather for an awesome 12 miles! {Go check out her blog!}

Low point: My mood this weekend! I’m officially 3 weeks weaned, and I’m a hormone casserole. I’m praying this doesn’t last very long, but this is also 2 years in the making– super fun.


Reflections: I’m hopeful that a BQ is actually very possible for the first time ever. This has always seemed like a far off dream that I may never actually achieve, but with the help of Heather, I’m starting to see just how do-able it is and how to get there. I’m going to get more of an idea of what I want my tempo, recovery, and goal marathon paces to be today, and that will help me going forward instead of just going out and running willy-nilly most of the time.

Any physical ailments? My right hip is super tight while I’m running and stays sore for a good 24 hours afterwards. I suspect it’s related to that hip flexor, so I’ve gotta do some serious foam rolling and stretching tonight after my recovery run. I’m also way overdue for an ice bath… eek!

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