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Keto recap for the last few months + something exciting on the horizon


Hola, pals! As usual, I’ve been so MIA. I haven’t had anything I felt like was helpful, so I just haven’t been writing posts, but I intend to write more in the future, whether it’s going to be a “helpful” post or not 😉

Marcus and I are still going strong on keto! He is amazing. His level of commitment is unmatched, and he is unwavering. We both truly believe this is the way to our best health, but I have had some times where I haven’t felt awesome that is completely exclusive of keto, and it’s been tough to not *blame* keto for the way I’ve felt. Does that make sense? It did in my head… Anyways, I’ve been relatively diligent and am hanging around at 125 pounds, 18% body fat. I’ve been there for the last two months, so things are definitely steady. I can easily tell how stable my blood sugar is because I NEVER get hangry anymore, even when it’s been a while since I’ve eaten. I feel hunger, but it’s not a panicky feeling that leaves me feeling desperate. It’s more something I’m able to acknowledge and address when I can versus feeling like I HAVE to have something right away. For example, I was at TJ Maxx today at lunch time, and I was already feeling hungry. I was easily able to do my shopping, take my time, drive past Taco Bell, get home, get Rhett some lunch and happy, THEN handle myself and my lunch. It was awesome! It’s a big change for me because I used to carry “emergency snacks” everywhere I went. I mean when are we ever really starving in this modern world?! WE AREN’T. Our low blood sugar just tells us that we are. I’m so happy to feel like I’m past that. The biggest thing that keeps me going is not wanting to backslide to that roller coaster feeling of hunger but also I’m dying to be a fat-adapted runner. The benefits of being fat-adapted for endurance events are numerous, and I truly believe it will make any longer distance races I do in the future so much better. If I never take another Gu again, it will be too soon! I loathe the sugar-fueling that most assume running comes with. I’m hell-bent on doing it another way.

Marcus’s results have been awesome! He used to have problems with his blood sugar bottoming out early in his workout, and he hasn’t had that happen once since October. It didn’t matter in the past if he ate a big meal before the workout or sipped on something during– he would end up super pale with cold sweats! He’s so relieved to be past that. I’m trying to make him incorporate some high-intensity speed work with me to continue to see the body comp changes he wants, so we’ll see. We plan to do a Tough Mudder in 2018, so perhaps once we have one to train for I’ll get him running. I got him a Keto Mojo for Christmas, which measures blood ketones, glucose, hematocrit, and hemoglobin. It’s been super interesting to be able to track, and Marcus has found himself in DEEP ketosis (3+ mmol) several times. He really is killing it!

Next post, I plan to share a full day or two of keto eating and what that typically looks like. The key to keto is FIRST reducing carbs, then upping fat to satiety. We focus on QUALITY fats like coconut oil, avocado, grassfed meats (fatty cuts), grassfed butter, and cheeses. We steer clear of seed oils, trans fats, and especially soybean oil as much as possible! Please reach out if you have any questions.

Within the next week or two, we’ve got some fun news to share, but mums the word until then 🙂 Only those of you who are reading this may catch on the what’s been going on. Again, STAY TUNED, and thanks for reading!

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