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I tried Walmart grocery pickup & here’s what I thought


Well, I’ve been VERY intrigued! I mean, I love grocery shopping– I really do!– but Rhett can be a bit of a handful in the store these days. He’s grabby or clingy or hungry or sleepy or all of the above most of the time.. I mean get it together, kid, am I right?

Anyways, I don’t tend to do my grocery shopping at Walmart anymore. I don’t love their produce selection, & it usually isn’t WORTH fighting the crowd, but when I saw a $10 off $50 worth of groceries to try the pickup option, I couldn’t resist a $10 grocery savings. That’s an awesome coupon if ya ask me. So here’s how it went, what I liked, & what I didn’t! And if you’re wanting to give it a try, too, I’ve got a $10 off referral for ya!

How it went: I had a little extra downtime this holiday weekend thanks to my in-laws’ hanging with Rhett, and that allowed me to do my grocery shopping online this morning. It was NICE to be able to browse all my grocery options from the couch with my coffee without fighting the squeaking buggy wheels of Walmart. HUGE perk. I tend to get buyers’ remorse before I ever checkout, so sometimes I get a little grocery store anxiety, but again, this helped me dodge that bullet. I got to be super sure of all my choices before checking out. I was able to browse the different aisles from the click of a “category” button, and prices were laid out in front of me. I was even able to narrow down to organic when I wanted, and I thought that was great. I selected a reservation slot for my order (early this evening) so that we would have plenty of time to get home from the in-laws & then out to pick these up before Rhett’s bedtime. Easy peasy. I put in my payment info, and it runs your card for roughly the amount it totaled– roughly because of the produce they would need to weigh once all my groceries were put together by the Walmart employee. Cool. I then got a confirmation email that laid out what to expect closer to time to pick up my groceries. We checked in when we got there, pulled into a designated parking spot, and loaded up! The employee mentioned two swaps that were made– a different brand of chicken sausage instead of Aidell’s and russet potatoes instead of the golden ones, but that wasn’t a huge deal to me. I expect the final price reflected those changes. I appreciated her mentioning it anyways.

What I liked: I liked a lot about this! I liked the $10 savings– duh! I liked shopping for groceries online, surprisingly. I liked that I never had to get Rhett out of his car seat. I liked not having to wait in Walmart’s checkout lines, or even enter the store for that matter. I liked the selection of produce that they chose for us. I liked that they gave us some free products & coupons in a little sample tote bag!

What I didn’t like: First of all, I didn’t get a receipt! And that really really rubbed me the wrong way because I didn’t realize it until we were home. They said the final receipt would be emailed, but I use rebate apps and therefore need my receipts. Not ok. I got an item I didn’t ask for and wouldn’t normally purchase, so boo. I did my grocery shopping at Walmart, & I very much prefer Sprouts. My email to pickup my groceries suggested I check in on the app, but I never figured out how to do that. So they may need a little time to streamline the technology. I just ended up calling. I’m a control freak, so I didn’t like leaving it up to someone else to choose my produce– even though they did a good job!

Overall, it was a positive experience! I would do it again, but I would be sure to get a receipt next time. It was definitely worth the $10 savings, so if you’re thinking of giving it a shot, use my referral for $10 off, & let me know how your experience goes! It’s mutually beneficial 🙂 Click here for referral link!

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