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GVRAT finish

So here’s a very after-the-fact update that I did finish the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee! I became a RAT in 108 days & finished 1 day shy of 34 weeks pregnant 😅 That race tested me in so many unforeseen ways, and it made me stay consistent when there were so many days I didn’t want to take an extra step. There were days I thought it was stupid for me to commit to something like that in the second half of my third pregnancy, but all things considered, I think I needed it. It kept me accountable and gave me something else to focus on while the world pressed pause to “flatten the curve.” It gave me a sense of camaraderie with 19,000 strangers and even a few new connections in my local running club. It gave me a sense of pride to be doing something so big when most in my condition (🤰🏼) put fitness on the back burner. It gave me bragging rights for the baby growing in my belly to hear all about one day— the same way Rhett will hear about the marathon and ultra relay he tagged along for and the half marathons with Tucker.

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