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Are we tired of fresh starts yet?

All my life, I thought I was kind of a quitter. I've tried at least 4,583 new things in my life, and I've quit at least as many times. Over the last few years, I've learned to look at my own behaviors and habits in a curious fashion, as a third party observer would, instead of judging myself so critically... and you know what I've learned? I like fresh starts.

Sure, I may start a free trial or workout challenge, only to drop it in a few days' time, but I also learn a little more about myself every time I try something new. Every book I've started that I didn't love, every fad, every show people were raving about, everything that I eventually deemed not worth my time was valuable knowledge I gained about me. And who better to get to know than yourself?!

So here I am, with another fresh start. I've got a shiny new accomplishment in my run coach certification, and I am once again embarking on a new journey. If that's not your style, that's just fine! But you know what's awesome about fresh starts? It shows a lack of fear of starting over-- an ability to dust oneself off and get back on the horse.


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