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1/3 of the way across Tennessee, virtually

So today I took only my second true rest day since starting this race across Tennessee, and it’s hard. I feel the pressure to log my minimum miles every day because I’m only going to get more uncomfortable and tired as this goes on. But this is also super comparable to a long run or an ultra– you’re dying to bank some time in the beginning because the end is gonna suck, right? But that’s such an illusion.

You actually don’t know how you’re going to feel with each passing day and mile. You might be surprised to feel amazing physically at mile 22 or at 33 weeks pregnant, who knows?! It’s a roller coaster that you have to ride one small piece at a time. You can’t enjoy the loop de loop 200 yards ahead yet, you just have to hang on exactly where you are.

So that’s where I am today. Accepting that a low energy day is exactly what I needed, and I haven’t done any damage to the big picture of this journey. The show must go on, and I’ve got some rest to enjoy before I keep on keeping on.

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