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I haven't always been a runner, and I certainly didn't always enjoy it. 

I began running right after dropping out of college and moving in with my sister at age 21. I had very little direction in life, but I knew I needed to get healthier after years of binge drinking and living off of fast food. 

My sister and I began to run together, mostly for shallow reasons, and we discovered the magic that is the running community. I have never met a group of people more accepting and loving and supportive than the running community as a whole, and it drew me in. After getting married and becoming a mother in 2016, I found an even more incredible niche oof the community-- the mother runners. If you want to see strength, watch a mama run by pushing a jogging stroller!

I have drawn such incredible inspiration from my friends in this space, and now I am ready to give back. I hope to inspire, to teach, and to coach the principles that I have learned. I believe my unique experiences coupled with my love of learning can aid any journey-- whether the goal is a single mile, a mud run, a first 5k, a half marathon, a Boston-qualifying marathon time, or an ultramarathon. You dream it, and I believe we can achieve it together!

Now that I'm coaching with TeamRunRun, my coaching has become an even bigger and more collaborative effort. I am a firm believer in the fact that we are wired for community support, and running is no different. Together, we can achieve more, and I can't wait to see how this coaching journey grows and evolves to benefit more and more running friends!

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