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Run Coaching

As an RRCA certified coach and through collaboration with TeamRunRun, allow me to help you reach your goals! It's never too late, and no dream is too big (or small.) I'd be honored to be a part of your running journey. Book a free coaching call, & let's chat about what running success looks like to YOU! Every body can run.

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Why Hire A Coach?


Can't I just use a training plan I found online?

You can absolutely see success in your running by simply running more, plan or not, but the question is "WILL YOU?" By hiring a coach, you are not only getting customized pacing and mileage unique to YOU, you're also getting a plan that adapts as you get stronger. Most people have no clue what potential they hold, and a coach can help you realize that potential and support you through the growth.

How much time does it take?

Is the time going to pass anyways? This is a complex question, but the time to achieve any goal can vary wildly. We'll start by discussing what you want to accomplish on a free consultation call. If we both agree we're a good fit for working together, we'll proceed with goal specificity and begin discussing a timeline. The length of training plan will likely be dictated by a goal race, but can also be determined based on current fitness level and how much time is needed for improvement. Most training plans are a minimum of 12 weeks and can stretch out as far as 26.

I don't think I'm fast enough to need a coach. Am I too slow or out of shape?

I hear some form of the statement, "I'm too slow/inexperienced/old" to hire a coach all the time, and my answer is always the same: ANY BODY can run! If you've ever been to a race, chances are you've seen people of all shapes and sizes and walks of life, and that's one of my favorite things about it. Anyone who wants to achieve a goal in this realm absolutely can! Step 1 is hiring a knowledgable coach to help you achieve it intelligently and safely.

What does a coach do?

As an RRCA Level I certified coach, my first step is to get to know you. Every coach is different, and a good working relationship requires a solid and open coach-athlete relationship. This can take some time to get to know each other to build a rapport, but I can always promise you professionalism. I understand that I am not the perfect coach for everyone, but I am definitely the perfect coach for some! If you want knowledge, accountability, inspiration, empathy, and a little bit of tough love, then I just might be your girl. Let's find out!

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About Missy

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"I am a personal trainer and I have been running for well over a decade. I never really saw the need for a run coach until I was in the middle of marathon training. I got sick and started having some setbacks to my training plan. I wasn’t sure what to do to get myself back on track when I contacted Missy. She was a Godsend!! She helped me get back on track quickly with the training plan she sent me. I was feeling strong and confident with her encouragement. She was there for me when I had a silly, or not so silly, questions. Her knowledge of the sport of running helped me to have the confidence I needed- even when I found myself sidelined from running for the last month of my training. Missy kept me on track with a cross training program, which not only allowed me to get across the finish line, but PR by over 30minutes!! If you don’t *think* you really need a run coach, I promise you won’t be disappointed with Missy. It was the BEST investment I made in my training program."



Hiring a coach does not guarantee a certain result, and by doing so, you are agreeing to assume the risks and liability that come with physical exercise and exertion. It is recommended that you produce a signed physical from your doctor before beginning training.

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